Applicant Services

We are pleased that you would like to make one of our communities your new home!!

Below is some general information regarding the application process.

  • Application Form:
    • Complete one application per single adult or married couple
    • Current and Former residence(s) and employers must include full names and addresses
    • Each application must be signed and dated
  • Application Fee and Security Deposit
    • Each completed application requires a $35.00 application fee. This fee is non-refundable for processing the application with AAA screening. 
    • A security deposit is also required to reserve your apartment or townhome, in addition to completion of an Online Apartment Reservation Agreement and Release Form, found below. Please contact the community in which you are applying for to determine the security deposit amount to pay.
    • An Online Apartment Reservation Agreement and Release Form must be completed and an Application fee and Security Deposit must be paid prior to processing the application.

Employment history, credit history, rental history, income and criminal background check will be completed.

Both the security deposit and application fees may be paid online by going to the community of your choice under property addresses and clicking on the Make Payment Here button.

  • Income Certification
    • Tax Credit Communities
      • We must verify all sources of income including, but not limited to, employment, self-employment, child support, social security and income from assets.
      • A Tenant Income Certification must be completed (one per household) and submitted with the application to determine the income and asset verifications that are necessary in order to be compliant with Section 42 guidelines.
    • Market Rate Communities
      • You must provide documentation to verify income.  This may include a recent pay stub, letter of hire or other documentation which demonstrates your ability to pay rent.


Online Apartment Reservation Agreement and Release Form
This agreement must be completed and signed by all applicants in order to reserve an apartment or townhome at the community you desire.  This agreement must be accompanied by a security deposit and be signed by all parties, management included, before it is valid.

Once you’ve completed the agreement you may sign, scan and email or fax, mail or hand deliver to the property of your choice.  You are also able to make the payment of your security deposit and/or application fee via our website by going to the page for the property of your choice.

This form also provides a release of information authorization in order to process your application.

This application is for both tax credit and market rate communities in the State of Kansas.  Please remember one application per single adult or married couple must be completed.  An application fee and security deposit must also be paid upon submission in order to begin processing.

Once you’ve completed the attached application, you may either email, fax, or personally deliver the application.  Property contact information can be found under property addresses and by then clicking on the community of your choice.

Tenant Income Certification
Tax Credit Communities Only
One Tenant Income Certification (TIC) must be completed per household.  Instructions on how to complete the form are included, though if you have any questions while completing the form, please feel free to contact the apartment communities leasing office. 

Release of Information
In order to process your application we must have a release of information completed for each applicant. Please sign the attached form and submit it with your application for occupancy to the desired community.

Rent Guarantor
Rent guarantors are accepted at all properties if an applicant does not meet credit or income criteria.  The attached application/agreement can be completed if you desire to be a rent guarantor for an applicant.
There is a $20.00 non-refundable application processing fee due at the time of submission.

Move In Checklist
Moving can be a very stressful process.  You can decrease the stress by being organized, knowing what to do and knowing when to do it.
For information about moving into a specific property, click on the applicable state on the right side of the page and choose your community from the list.  Once you've clicked on the community, click on the Move-in Information button located under the photographs.